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ContrastConnect Shaping the Future of Contrast Supervision

December 10, 2023
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ContrastConnect Shaping the Future of Contrast Supervision


At ContrastConnect, we handle all aspects of contrast supervision so imaging centers can focus on what matters most - scanning patients. By providing guaranteed supervision whenever imaging centers need it, including weekends and holidays, centers can lower costs, scan more patients, streamline scheduling, and remove administrative headaches. 

Patient Safety

Patient safety drives every decision at ContrastConnect. When founding ContrastConnect, we refused to take shortcuts that could jeopardize patient safety, like allowing inexperienced or unprepared staff to handle contrast reactions. We only employ radiologists with a proven record of supervision experience to provide you with enhanced safety and peace of mind. Our commitment to patient safety led us to build a team solely comprised of MDs and DOs who are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care during contrast reactions. When you choose ContrastConnect for your imaging center, you are choosing patient safety above all.

Our team of physicians is experienced and trained to adhere to the ACR’s algorithms for managing adverse reactions, and they must demonstrate proficiency in applying such algorithms as part of the pre-employment screening process. Multiple physicians are on-call simultaneously, ensuring fast response times and encouraging collaboration as needed.

Scan More

In addition to patient safety, ContrastConnect allows imaging centers to scan more and worry less. In a world where efficiency and optimization are paramount, on-site contrast supervision is no longer an efficient use of resources and is certainly not cost-effective. Fortunately, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recognized that on-site direct supervision is no longer a practical means for obtaining safe and compliant supervision and has continued allowing virtual direct supervision. ContastConnect delivers optimized resource utilization for maximum cost savings and scalability by enabling imaging centers to scan more patients daily with guaranteed supervision, regardless of the day, time, or holiday. Since the supervision is done through audio and visual technologies, there is never a need to reschedule a patient due to late or no-show on-site coverage. 


ContrastConnect is shaping the future of contrast supervision by allowing imaging centers to focus on what they do best – scanning patients – while we handle the logistics of providing virtual coverage at a cost savings to the center and ensuring patient safety. We take what we do seriously and are proud to offer our clients solutions that allow for guaranteed coverage, streamlined operations, physician-led safety, and cost savings.